Tam BrenMel

Ht. 3'5" Wt. 35 Age 23 Halfling / Blue Black Hair, Gray Eyes & Carmel BRN Skin


This is the story of Tam Brenmel which translated means Innocent, Naive (tam) black,dark,night (bren) playful,wild (mel) – Daughter of a normal locksmith hafling father who never went anywhere in a big city of Serenity where anything you can want comes to you and a bard hafling-ish (she’ll tell you the story if you corner her about her Dad) mother who traveled all over just because and their only girl and eldest child of five. That’s all I got mom….?!?!????…no worries more stories will come as you go on your own. Mother Sheel was correct… as she had been a travelling Bard when she fell for Tam’s father and choose to have a family…hard to believe that her little girl was so grown and ready to adventure on her own, she wondered if her own family had felt the same fear, pride and sadness as she does for her only daughter now. Tam had done very well and earned her traditional sacred keepsake (heatstone*), her father had created the Holy Symbol of a Star with a hidden compartment to keep it safe and the clerics had blessed the holy symbol along with her daughter’s sacred keepsake for her eliminating a threat to the community by using her stealth to set-off the fire trap to an evading enemy. They had been raiding the town so the town set-up a trap for them which had been found by the enemy and disarmed. Knowing that winter was coming and many would dies without the food they were going to take from the town she sneaked in the tall grass toward the trap and lit the fuse again as the enemy stood by the trap defiantly and prepared to raid the town.

lived in Serenity as a locksmith & bard’s daughter
DEITY is Desna – Lady Luck

  • Alchemically treated to enhance their natural heat-generating properties, these round or ovoid stones of volcanic glass provide enough heat to keep chambers warm in the coldest winter. One heatstone keeps a 20-foot-square area comfortably warm even in extreme cold (below –20° F), or a 40-foot-square area in severe cold (between –20° F and 0° F). A single heatstone is activated by striking it against any hard surface, after which point it continues to provide heat for 24 hours. An active heatstone does not give off enough heat to cook food or cause damage.

Tam BrenMel

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