Zeffenip Spigglebork

Gnome Sorcerer


40 year old, Brass skin, Ivory hair, clean-shaven, fashionably dressed in traveller’s outfit with hat.
Level 3


Mother worked in her family’s jewelry store in the city of Overhill until she met what she thought was a travelling bard one night. She fancied his songs, one thing led to another and a while later she learned she was pregnant.

Zeffenip grew up learning the family trade until puberty hit. He desperately learned on his own how to control his claws popping out at inopportune times, but Mom brought him first to the local clergy (Mom balked at the exorcism) then to a local wizard to help him control the arcanic chaos that was springing up around him all the time (ie, setting the pet cat on fire). Even though the wizard said he had an idea as to what may be happening, he needed to do some research first to be certain.

In the meantime, wanderlust has gripped Zeffenip and so he has decided to head out and experience the world, after promising to return every so often for a “check-up” with the wizard.

Zeffenip Spigglebork

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