Albino half-elf.


Born Azaryahu of the House Vandree, a lesser house (17th) in Drow Society, his birth was planned centuries prior. Artheon the Mind-Taker, a powerful Grey Elf Mage, carefully mingled his blood with powerful spellcasters, weeding out inferiority and non-magical aptitude, until only he was left. Before the ritual could be completed, his mother, a former Drow priestess, spirited him away to the Underground; there his mother grew successful politically through charm and coercision, until her death by a rival faction. At the age of 10, now an orphan, he was bullied mercilessly by the other street rats.

One night, Ezra had a prophetic dream that instructed him to seek his birthright and reclaim, “That which was taken”. And so, Ezra snuck into the stronghold of his mother’s killer and took back the family ring (as well as the finger attached to it), and escaped. It was only later that he realized its true power, and only upon wearing it; Ezra was immediately teleported to a 20’ by 20’ cell filled with arcane tomes and manuscripts, an arcane mouth spell greeted him and instructed him to read the books. “Once (he was) powerful enough to break the wards guarding this room, only then would you be allowed to leave.” And so, for the last decade he has sat here, reading, and honing is arcane craft, oblivious to the outside world and its conflicts.


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